Ep 2: Queer and Gender Politics with Kay

Welcy Welcy to Episode Two of Bensplaining. I chat to writer and activist Kay Wilde about:

• Trans rights!
• Colonialism!
• Intersectional feminism!
• Gender abolitionists!
• Marriage equality!
• Toxic Masculinity!
• Capitalism’s impact on the LGBTI movement!
• Relationships!
• George Christensen!

And heaps more.

Here are the legendary trans and non-binary figures Kay mentions:

Norrie May-Welby
Sylvia Rivera
Marsha P. Johnson
Juliet Jacques
Leslie Feinberg

Here is Helen Razer’s controversial queer case against Marriage Equality.

And here is the Ursula Le Guinn quote from The Dispossessed at the end of the episode:

“Shevek saw that he had touched in these men an impersonal animosity that went very deep. Apparently they, like the tables on the ship, contained a woman, a suppressed, silenced, bestialized woman, a fury in a cage. He had no right to tease them. They knew no relation but possession. They were possessed.”

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