Satan Disendorses Trump

LUCIFER, Prince of Darkness and Emperor Apostate of hell, has officially disendorsed Republican presidential nominee Donald Jeronimo Trump. “His actions comments are beyond the pale,” announced Satan, a key backer of the Reagan and Bush administrations. “On behalf of all of the legions of the damned, I’m cutting all ties to the Trump campaign. IContinue reading “Satan Disendorses Trump”

One Nation

There’s worse news every day. Thursday, 15th of September: in her maiden speech to the Senate, Pauline Hanson declares that Australia is “in danger of being swamped by Muslims”. Sunday, 18th of September: speaking to a forum of European conservatives, former Prime Minister Tony Abbott describes the influx of refugees to Europe from “Middle EastContinue reading “One Nation”

The Eight Deadly Sens – Part Deux

In the three months since I wrote the first half of my musical profiles on the Crossbench Senators (which were pretty obsolete even at the time) a lot of crazy shit has gone down in Canberra. Australia’s Woodstock Floriade has come and gone, Australia’s Disneyland Cockington Green has done a roaring school holiday trade andContinue reading “The Eight Deadly Sens – Part Deux”

Losing Our Heads To Save Our Necks

We must stop at nothing to prevent death-cult jihadists murdering innocents on our own soil. That’s why anyone who isn’t a covert member of ISIS will support the Government’s new, recently announced anti-terror legislation: the distribution of mandatory “Freedom Collars” to protect Australians from beheadings.

Morgan Freeman and Fallon inhale helium

Ongoing conflict in Gaza and the Ukraine was overshadowed today by shocking reports that Morgan Freeman and Jimmy Fallon inhaled helium. The “Tonight Show” host and co-star of hit Jim Carey vehicle “Bruce Almighty” inhaled the gas from red balloons, the same colour that paints the jagged ruins of Palestinian hospitals and the smouldering wreckageContinue reading “Morgan Freeman and Fallon inhale helium”

The Eight Deadly Sens – Part I

Between 2008 and 2011, the balance of power in the Australian Senate was held by two erratic and headstrong minor party senators. They looked like this: As of three weeks ago, the balance of power in the Australian Senate is held by eight erratic and headstrong minor party senators. They look like this: You takeContinue reading “The Eight Deadly Sens – Part I”