Losing Our Heads To Save Our Necks

We must stop at nothing to prevent death-cult jihadists murdering innocents on our own soil. That’s why anyone who isn’t a covert member of ISIS will support the Government’s new, recently announced anti-terror legislation: the distribution of mandatory “Freedom Collars” to protect Australians from beheadings.

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App Qaeda

Jumping, as is my habit, on a year-old bandwagon, I’ve started playing the app game Angry Birds. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this recreational masterpiece, here’s the premise: you’re the commander of a group of cartoon birds, who, as the name suggests, are angry. They’re angry because a bunch of green pigs stole their eggs, so you have to slingshot your feathered subordinates towards various pig-built structures to destroy them and kill the inhabitants, although the birds are slain in process. Sound familiar? It should, because it’s one of the core strategies of international jihadist terrorism.

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