Microparty Megaguide Part II: Ecofascists and Country Matters

☼ ECOFASCISTS AND COUNTRY MATTERS ☼ If Metropolitan Australia rides the sheep’s back, it makes sense that said sheep would want to chuck it off, chew on its ear a bit then gallop off bleating into the sunset. Country Australia has been a major force in politics for a century. The Nationals are still theContinue reading “Microparty Megaguide Part II: Ecofascists and Country Matters”

Microparty Megaguide Part I: Godbotherers

This election’s Senate ballot is over a metre long and requires a magnifying glass to read, with candidates sprawling from “A” to “ZZZ”. A lot of folk will use this as an excuse to vote above the line in the Senate like the freedom-hating reprobates that they are and end up unwittingly preferencing the AlContinue reading “Microparty Megaguide Part I: Godbotherers”