Anthony Abbott’s Xmas Miracle

In the city of Canberra, of roundabout fame, Lived a strange little man with a clergyman’s name; He wasn’t a cardinal, though there was one he knew, And he wasn’t a bishop, although he had two; He wasn’t nun in a gown and a habit, And he wasn’t a pope – he was only anContinue reading “Anthony Abbott’s Xmas Miracle”

Four Fun Biblical Reasons Why God Hates Christmas

The cattle are lowing, the puppies are still weeks away from abandonment and the humans are writhing in their glittering orgy of saccharine consumerism and hate. Yes, it’s that special time of the year again, when Santa’s elves work around the clock in their claustrophobic Taiwanese sweatshops and all the little boys and girls leaveContinue reading “Four Fun Biblical Reasons Why God Hates Christmas”