Scott Morrison’s Otis Redding Cover

"We want a logo that says 'market-savy neofascism' and 'vaguely satanic' at the lowest quote you can give us."
“We want a logo that says ‘market savvy cryptofascism’ and ‘vaguely satanic’ at your lowest possible price.”

A lot of people seem to think that the Immigration Minister is all about human rights abuses and terrifying millitary secrecy. That’s not the Scott Morrison I know. “Moro Bar” (as his bros calls him) is a close friend of mine and I can confirm that he’s actually a cool, fun and even soulful guy. Breaking international law and collaborating with oppressive regimes by the refoulement of refugees is just his day job. When he’s chilling, Moro Bar is into surfing, spliffs and recording nostalgic rhythm ‘n’ blues covers. Moro Bar is really shy about sharing his creativity. He told me that “if the cabinet hears it, Cory will call me a willy woofter”. I said that I could share one of his songs on this blog because not many people read it and I know you guys will be supportive. So here is Scott Morrison’s unique version of an Otis Redding classic, accompanied on guitar by our mutual mate, my infuriatingly talented brother Matt.

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